Scala Technology exists to help organisations make the best use of the Scala programming language. Whether you’re a startup or major enterprise we can help you deploy Scala, understand how to integrate Scala applications into your environment or work with you to develop new Scala software from scratch.

At Scala Technology we've been developing Scala applications for over eight years: our team was the first in the world to deploy Scala commercially. Our established experts can help you benefit from the scalability, flexibility and performance offered by this world-changing language.

Why Scala?

Smart developers and development managers are learning that Scala does offer real business benefits.

If you've got an urgent application that needs to be built; if you've got code that you know is going to be subject to continuous change; if you know that what you build today may need to scale and scale again tomorrow; or, if you're looking for the most robust, concise, efficient and expressive language to use, then Scala may well be the answer.

  • Find out what makes Scala such a great language

Why Scala Technology?

We are experienced people, focussed solely on helping you make the most of Scala within your organisation. We have the skills, knowledge and practical knowhow on how to make Scala work best for you, and have huge commercial experience deploying Scala applications.


14 February 2013

Jon Pretty writes for Software Developer’s Journal

Jon Pretty, CTO of Scala Technology, will be appearing in the March edition of the Software Developer’s Journal, discussing how advanced Scala features, such as type-constructor polymorphism, can be used to reduce code repetition.

23 January 2013

Jon Pretty interviewed by Typesafe

Scala Technology CTO Jon Pretty was interviewed by Typesafe today about his journey so far with Scala, his expectations for Scala 2.10 and his predictions on what the future holds. Read the full interview on the Typesafe blog.

9 January 2013

Scala Technology powers Phone & PIN

We are pleased to announce the continuation of our lead in the next phase of development for Phone & PIN, developing a scalable platform in Scala and Akka for secure smartphone transactions. Read our case study on Phone & PIN.

12 December 2012

Scala Technology becomes Underscore associate

Scala Technology has become an associate partner of Underscore Consulting, a like-minded team of expert Scala consultants, trainers and developers based in London.